What type of research chemicals are there

As the use of the research chemicals is increasing on a daily basis and on the same level, their number is as well. So the research chemicals are available is several different types but all of them are combined into four groups.


They can be extracted from the phenylamine. They are found in:

• Human body

• Cheese

• Red wine

• Chocolate

The drugs that belong to this category of research chemicals are 4-fluor, 2C-B, MDMA, and Amphetamine.


It is a group of organic compounds and it is mostly extracted from compounds like:

• 2-(indool-3-yl)-ethylamine

• LSD,

• DMT,

• Melatonin

• Psilocybin (the psychoactive compound found in mushrooms)


These research chemicals will bind to the cannabinoid receptors. Apart from being naturally produced by the human body, they can be also extracted from plants. Cannabis is the primary example of the plants that contain this chemical.

The reminders

Any other types of research chemicals that do not belong to the above-mentioned types are considered as the reminders.

If you are considering using the research chemicals, it is advised that you think properly before consuming them because they might have some side effects.